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What You Need To Know When Relocating or Expanding Your Office Space

Whether you are relocating to a new office or looking to take your business to the next level, there are a few aspects that you need to consider to ensure a successful transition:


Take the time to thoroughly get to know the new area before moving in, especially the business permits, accessibility to clients and suppliers, room to grow, convenience for receiving and shipping parcels, as well as parking and public transit, etc.

Project Management

It’s crucial to take the time to develop a step-by-step strategy to ensure the transition is completed to the agreed time, cost and quality criteria. Assign specific tasks to specific individuals, and remember to notify employees, customers and suppliers in advance to avoid disruption throughout the office relocation.

Office Equipment and Furniture

This is probably one of the most time-consuming parts of moving. In addition to the packing, there is also the unpacking and setting-up after the move that you need to be aware of. If you need an extra unit to store your equipment or furniture, Cube Self Storage is a reliable single point of contact to consider. On other hand, if you wish to find a trust-worthy service to take care of the records and legal document management, then Cube Record Management Services is the one to call.

Office Relocation and Office Expansion


Choosing a quality logistics service will prove invaluable in keeping everything in perfect condition and prevent any possible damage that might occur. Over the years, Edward Baden has built a reputation as a professional and dedicated business to help clients with all of the physical moving and other services.

IT relocation

In a digital world where technology is the backbone of every company in any industry, cyber security must be taken seriously. Make sure that the transportation of data is done safely and securely. In addition, take into account the cable routers, outlets in walls and floors, server layouts, air conditioning system in server rooms, etc.

The relocation of any business requires thorough consideration. That’s why Edward Baden is the perfect one-stop solution for a stress free relocation. We have a team of experts that is more than willing to make your business transition a smooth one with minimal downtime to your business.

Our services include

Edward Baden Relocations: We offer a wide range of specialist services, including company, employee and IT relocations; as well as warehouse, contract and records management.

Cube Record Management Services: Cube manages company records for law, medical, financial services, advertising and entertainment, pharmaceutical and industrial companies as well as local authorities, NHS trusts and government departments.

Easycrate: A crate rental service that provides clean and top-quality crates to your office or home.

Cube Self Storage: Cube proposes a large range of standard storage units with sizes from 12 to 200+ square feet, business and warehouse spaces.

Cube Fine Art Services: Cube offers art packaging cases and storing services in a climate-controlled storage facility for your art pieces.

Cube Co-Working: Cube offers friendly and flexible office solutions that enables start-ups, entrepreneurs, SMEs, individuals who work remotely and established corporations to meet and devote to their business endeavours.

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