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Creating A Sustainable Future

As part of our commitment towards environmental sustainability, we have made addressing climate change a core component of our sustainability strategy. We are working to reduce environmental impacts and emissions from our operations and through the solutions we deliver across every business, and sector that falls under the Edward Baden Limited umbrella. 

Our green way of thinking is embedded in every aspect of our day-to-day operations as removers, storage providers and crate hire specialists. To achieve our environmental objectives, all of our staff use company processes and procedures that comply with (and are certified to) the requirements of ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems. 

UK Cube - Environment Statement

Creating a Sustainable Future is top of our priority list and here are some of the processes we currently have in place within our day-to-day operations:


  • Installation of 100KVA Solar Panels system has been completed.
  • LED lighting has been installed throughout the facility.


  • Implementation of rain water harvesting to flush toilets and used for cleaning fleet vehicles 


  • Installation of x3 (three phase fast charger points) electric car charging points on site 
  • Minimizing empty running by better planning
  • Driver training to reduce fuel and carbon footprint 
  • Budget for accommodation of drivers to reduce miles to and from our location 
  • Ongoing assessmeant of current carbon footprint (and ways to offset)
  • Future move towards electric vehicles. 

Bike to Work Scheme

  • Participation in ‘Bike to Work’ scheme, including the build of a new back rack using recycled materials and the addition of a ‘living roof’ 
  • Encouragement of staff to think about their carbon footprint

Waste Recycling 

  • Using less paper and adopting an online communications strategy
  • Encouraging clients to use our furniture recycling scheme
  • Encouraging clients to use our computer recycling scheme


  • Sourcing local suppliers where applicable
  • Selecting suppliers and partners that have sound environmental policies in place 

We assess our carbon footprint annually and have set targets for its reduction. We have set the target of zero carbon by 2026. 

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