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Hospital Relocation Services
Methodical relocations for sensitive equipment

Hospitals and Laboratories

Hospitals operate 24/7 so at Edward Baden we are fully aware of the high demands and stringent timeframes that hospitals may have to adhere to. We have successfully moved a number of hospitals and trusts and have established a first class reputation for providing specialist relocation services to all health sectors.

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Our Medical and Hospital Relocation services

Expert Services​

All of our staff are expertly trained to ensure that they have the experience required to pack and move the wide range of technical equipment as well as dealing with the relocation of hazardous materials.

Confidentiality Ensured

We supply secure crates with numbered seals which will ensure that patient records are safe and secure at all times.

Precision Management

Your dedicated move manager will liaise closely with heads of departments, estates, hospital technicians and emergency services to confirm the individual requirements of all teams and departments.

Audit Trails

Edward Baden offers a sequential packing and unpacking service for patient notes and libraries, making them easy to track and audit.

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We are proud of every solution that we provide as each one is as unique as the individual requirements of that client.

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