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Office Relocation Services

Ensuring a Seamless Transition During Your Office Move

At Edward Baden, our main priorities are to ensure that every step of the business relocation is delivered according to an agreed schedule, within your budget, and with minimal downtime. Whether you’re looking for office relocation services; campus or an entire department relocation including all your IT equipment and assets, our team of specialists have in-depth experience that you can rely on. 

Specialist Removal Services - Office Relocation Services

Edward Baden’s meticulous planning and precise moving give you peace of mind that your office, your workforce, your business records and your most valuable assets are securely and effectively relocated anywhere you require. Every job is assigned a dedicated project management team who are experienced in the preparation and planning of corporate relocations. The team takes care of every detail of the office move, will take the time to understand your objectives, and work with you to deliver a smooth and effective move.

Other than office removal, we also have the expertise to carry out the moving for your personal collections and investments, as well as assisting in personal estate planning and investment acquisitions.

Our Business / Office Relocation Services Include

  • Contract Management and Support Services: A dedicated move team will be put into place to support your move by addressing all areas of contract management, space planning and help desk support that are essential in ensuring that downtime is minimised during your relocation.
  • Move Management: We are dedicated to meticulous planning, and have extensive expertise in project managing all aspects of an office move. Our team will work with you to ensure that each move is carried out seamlessly with minimal impact on your business productivity.
  • Physical Move Services: A dedicated move manager will be assigned to you to manage all aspects of your relocation, from furniture dismantling to IT relocation and cleaning.
  • Post Move Support: This includes unpacking assistance and porterage services as you require, including inventory management.

Who We've Helped

Our Business Relocation Projects

Edward Baden has worked with customers in every sector. We are proud of every solution that we provide as each one is as unique as the individual requirements of that client. Here is an overview of some of the projects that we have worked on that our clients have asked us to share:

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We are proud of every solution that we provide as each one is as unique as the individual requirements of that client.

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