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PC And Equipment Recycling
Environmentally Responsible

PC And Equipment Recycling

Cube Relocations is proud to be involved with Computer Aid International by providing them with unwanted PC computers and associated equipment donated by our clients. Computer Aid International provides the highest-quality, professionally refurbished computers for reuse in education, health and not-for-profit organisations in developing countries.
We endeavour to reuse the maximum amount of equipment collected. However, when equipment cannot be repaired or reused we dispose of this equipment by sending it to a licensed waste management company that guarantees that all electronic waste is recycled to the highest European and UK Environmental Agency standards. This way we can be sure that no more than 5% of the equipment that cannot be reused ends up in a land-fill.
When recycling your equipment we know that data security is a major concern. For this reason we:

  • Ensure that all data and programs are entirely removed

  • Ensure that all hard disks are overwritten as standard and at no cost to you

  • Disks are wiped and overwritten to US Department of Defence and UK Communications Electronics Security Group (CESG) baseline and enhanced standards

  • Any hard disk that cannot be over written will be destroyed

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