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Moving Office – The Eco-Friendly Way!

Many businesses have begun adopting environmentally friendly practices in the office to proactively reduce their environmental impact when running day to day operations. Some common practices include printing less, installing solar panels and fitting LED lighting to reduce power consumption. Although widely practised in businesses everywhere, when it comes to moving office…many are still unaware of the benefits of going green when relocating.

Going green can significantly reduce the amount of waste generated, conserve energy and do less harm towards the environment.

Here are three simple steps to consider when planning your next GREEN MOVE.

1. Plan ahead – Use eco-friendly packing materials

Your choice of packing materials can play an important role in determining how eco-friendly your office relocation is. Instead of single use cardboard boxes, we recommend the use of plastic hire crates to move your miscellaneous office items. Our Easycrates are designed to be used over hundreds of times, unlike cardboard boxes which can only be used once or twice before it rips into two and then discarded.

2. Recycle, Reduce or Reuse

If you want to go green during an office move, practicing the 3Rs is a must. Always remember, Recycle, Reduce and Reuse. When decluttering sort through the items to see if there’s anything you’d wish to dispose of that can be recycled. Then, drop them off at recycling centres near you!

Next, reduce whenever possible. Do you notice items which you don’t use anymore, just sitting in the office and taking up precious office space? Why not donate them? Non-profit organisations would love to have them or if you’d like to keep them for future use, move them into a self storage unit. Our sister company, Cube Self Storage offers practical business storage solutions to cater to all your business self storage requirements.

3. Choose a green removals company

A green removals company will have good systems in place to reduce the amount of waste generated, carbon footprints and emissions towards Mother Earth. Just like ours! Our Edward Baden Fleet comprises of various sized Euro 5 vehicles which complies with all legislative requirements for operating haulage vehicles in the Low Emissions Zone. Our team works at planning for the most economical use of these vehicles according to our customers relocation requirements to maximise efficiency when relocating.

What are you waiting for?

Start moving the GREEN WAY.

All of us can make a change and move towards a healthier environment today!

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