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Get 1 Week's Free Easycrate Hire When You Book A Cube Relocations project

Book now and save!

  • Offer valid when booking an Edward Baden Relocation project.
  • Offer valid for new and existing customers using EasyCrate and moving equipment.
  • Offer valid for the first week of hire only.
  • Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. 


  • Competitive crate hire rates
  • Flexibility and reliability
  • A variety of Easycrates and crate-handling equipment – from your business IT assets to your desks and personal items
  • Excellent customer service

What are you waiting for? Call us on 0800 027 2668 to speak to our crate hire specialists.


The Best Protection For Your Business Relocations

With Edward Baden you can rest assured that every stage of your move will be in expert hands and every detail will be taken care of – ensuring a swift and stress-free move. Our ‘One Stop Solution’ for office relocations covers all aspects of your relocation needs; from removals, to storage and plastic crate hire.

We have worked with customers in every sector, and proud of every solution that we provide, as each one is as unique as the individual requirements of that client. For an overview of some of the projects that we have worked on, please take a look at our Case Studies.

Our Easycrates are environmentally friendly and durable, they offer you peace of mind that your items have the best possible protection.


The crates can be sealed with tamper proof seals and are sturdy to protect items in transit.


The crates can be moved on skates or trolleys easily when they are full.


The lids open to allow for stacking when empty, saving space when you store them.


Our crates can be hygienically cleansed so can be reused until they reach the end of their product life, and they can be recycled.


Crates don’t need to be folded, put together or taped. Simply open the lid and pack items.

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