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“I just wanted to thank you and your team so much for our removal job over the last few days – your team were so professional, polite, thoughtful and hard working, and I wanted to feed that back to you! The move went even better than I had planned and were very pleased with the layout as it is now.”

Emma Stevens, Library Manager at Hartpury University ULC & Hartpury College CLC

The Client

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Hartpury University and Hartpury College are among the UK’s leading specialist education providers in animal, agriculture, equine, sport and veterinary nursing. The beautiful and tranquil campus is located in a 360-hectare estate in Gloucestershire, just a 15-minute bus ride to the bustling city centre of Gloucester and close to Cheltenham. It is home to more than 4,000 university and college-level students studying A-levels, degrees and diplomas, as well as conducting cutting-edge industry research. The college’s average grade was a Distinction and their undergraduates made more progress from their starting points compared to other similar education providers.

The Project

The 5-day programme was divided into 2 phases, with the library stock and book shelves removed from the library to a temporary space in the adjacent building for the refurbishment to be completed, and book stock returned to the newly refurbished location. The transition was scheduled to take place in June 2022.

The Solution

Our main objective is to ensure minimal downtime to Hartpury University. With over 20 years of industry expertise, Cube Relocations successfully carried out a seamless transfer including:

  • Supplied professional equipment and materials
  • Sequential packing of library stock onto library trolleys
  • Transferred packed trolleys to the new temporary location
  • Dismantled and reassembled bookshelves
  • Unpacked and placed stock onto the shelves of the temporary location
  • Returned book stock once the refurbishment was completed
  • Unpacked items onto new shelving

The Process

Prior to the commencement of the project, Cube Relocations performed an interior building condition audit to identify key areas of past damage. Vulnerable zones such as the lifts, reception, main access routes, main entrances and exits were safeguarded by correx, hardboard and layers of paper covers.

Phase 1 was conducted in 3 days, focusing mainly on the packing and relocation of book stock and bookcases to a temporary location. 350 linear metres of book stock from 350 shelf locations were sequentially packed onto library trolleys, 85 bays of racking dismantled, shelves packed left to right and labelled to ensure a correct sequence were kept. 

Fitters rebuilt approximately 60 bays at the temporary location, and the team transferred all book stock onto the rebuilt bookcases. All building protection was uplifted and removed, with Cube Relocations’ Senior Supervisor signing off with Hartpury on-site representative after the 1st phase was completed.

Phase 2 span across 2 days as the team carried out the return of library stock to the newly refurbished library. Library trolleys were utilised to transfer the stock across, and the process occurred similarly to Phase 1, with 350 linear metres of book stock sequentially packed left to right. On arrival at the library, book stock was unpacked onto new shelving as per plans. At the end of the operation, the team uplifted and removed all building protection, with our Supervisors signing off with the on-site representative to ensure contentment and satisfaction.

Project Highlights

Cube Relocations collaborated closely with Hartpury to carry out a smooth transition. The 2-phase relocation project was constantly monitored by on-site Supervisors and deadlines were carefully reviewed with the site Project Manager. The sign-off was an indispensable step that only occurred when everything was finally completed, with all unwanted items being environmentally discarded.

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