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What Do You Do With All Your Old Business Assets?

Are your old business assets taking up space? Do you find yourself constantly bumping into unused items and your storage rooms stacked way up high with unused office furniture? This is such a waste of perfectly underused space, and no doubt getting in the way of your business efficiency!

It’s time to organise your business assets with these 5 useful steps

1. Selling

Are you upgrading or redecorating the office with new office furniture and computer systems? Get some cash back by selling your old office furnishings. Startups would love to get their hands on some good condition furniture at a good price!

2. Donate

Do you have a charity or organisation close to your heart? Donate your old computers or filing cabinets to them. They would be ever so grateful to receive anything to help them get through their day to day operations.

3. Recycle

It’s high time to fix the wobbly desks and the broken wheel of the swirling office chairs you’ve kept in storage and put them to good use again!

4. Use Cube Business Storage

Or simply free up space by storing with Cube’s Business Storage! Keep spare furnishings for a rainy day, it may prove to come in handy at a later date. Cube Self Storage is a leader in business storage in the corporate world and have provided professional businesses with modern, clean and bright storage units available in both small and big sizes. With our highly secured climate controlled storage, you can be reassured that your valuable business assets are stored safe with us!

5. Use Edward Baden

Looking for movers to move your business assets to your buyers or to transport them to the charity of your choice or to simply move them into your business storage unit at Cube? We are always ready to move your valuable assets to anywhere you require.

Contact our specialist movers to free up your old business assets now!

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