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Top 5 Energy Consuming Home Appliances

According to recent surveys, a quarter of UK households regularly run out of money for essentials and approximately 40% of Britons end the month with no money. Being aware of the most energy consuming home appliances and taking some quick and easy actions, can help reduce your energy use and therefore your bills.

Table of Contents

1. Tumble Dryer

Top 5 Energy Consuming Home Appliances - Tumble Dryer

Consuming roughly 52.25 kWh each month – translating to around £19.13 per month – the tumble dryer is easily identified as the largest contributor to your electricity bill.

To keep the cost down, opt for alternatives such as using drying clothes on racks inside a well-ventilated room. You can also dry your clothes naturally by hanging them outside in warm weather. This can save you up to a hefty £70 a year.

Using dryer balls is a smart and inexpensive way to help improve the airflow and soak up excess water. This shortens the amount of time your clothes take to dry.

2. Dish Washer

Coming in at an average of £13.60 per month, the dishwasher costs you around 40 kWh per month. Make sure you’re not turning it on half-full or whenever you feel like!

The easiest way to keep the cost down is to run the dishwasher once a day or when it’s full rather than whenever convenient. As energy can sometimes be cheaper at night, it might be a good habit to run the dishes once before you go to bed.

The “Eco” setting on your dishwasher will actually help save energy by running the water at a lower temperature. However, your utensils will still be cleaned as they are actually being washed for longer.

If your dishwasher needs an update, consider a water-efficient model. It is definitely a good return on investment and you’ll be able to spend the extra pounds on other bills.

3. Fridge Freezer

The next enemy in the list of energy consuming home appliances you should be aware of is the fridge freezer. Eating up around 35.42 kWh, it can cost you around £12.04 per month.

On average, a good quality fridge freezer can last about 17 years. Considering its long lifespan, an energy-efficient one will surely be beneficial in the long term despite the initial investment cost. If your family has been using the fridge freezer for many many years, maybe it’s time to look into a new energy-saving (and cost-effective!) model.

There’s plenty of ways to keep your energy bills down. Simply remember to never leave your fridge freezer door open, and let your food cool down before putting them inside.

Another way is to always defrost food inside the fridge. Not only does it ensure your food defrosts thoroughly and carefully, but its presence cools down your fridge’s interior and reduces the amount of energy expended to keep the fridge cool, saving on energy consumption.

Top 5 Energy Consuming Home Appliances - Fridge Freezer

4. Washing Machine

Around £11.90 can be spent on a washing machine consuming 35 kWh per month.

Wash your clothes at 30 degrees or lower, as the hotter the temperature, the more energy will be used to heat the water.

Similarly to the dishwasher, wash with full loads and explore your machine’s eco settings to see a reduction in your bills. In addition, watch out for sale-offs and Black Fridays to see if you could purchase a new energy-efficient model with a discounted price.

5. Cooker With Electric Hob

Top 5 Energy Consuming Home Appliances - Kitchen Appliances

The last on our list is the electric hob on a cooker, costing you around £8.93, with an average consumption of 26.25 kWh per month.

Switching to slow cookers, air fryers, or the microwave are good ideas to keep costs down in the kitchen. The microwaves or air fryers actually consume less energy than ovens and hobs, making them a good alternative.

The first step to keeping your energy bill low is identifying the home appliances eating up your allowance. Keep the above items in mind and stay on top of the energy price crisis. 

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