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The Hidden Costs Of An Office Move

An office move can be challenging on its own, not least during the cost of living and energy price crisis. On top of the obvious expenditures such as packing, moving equipment, new furniture and decoration, business owners should keep an eye out for the hidden costs that could hinder their office move.

1. Building Survey

Once you’ve identified a new location for your office, a building survey would help assess the property’s structural integrity and services. This is especially important if you’re signing on a full repairing and insuring (FRI) lease. While only taking a few hours or up to a day to complete the assessment, you will be able to limit the repairing liability if there are any existing or anticipated issues. 

2. Landlord’s approval for refurbishments

Before carrying out any construction work in the new office, make sure to receive formal consent in the form of a Licence for Works Agreement from the property’s owner. This is to prevent conflicting or duplicating the obligations between the business and the landlord. 

3. IT and Telecom Setup

One of the most important parts of an office move is the setting up of an IT or telecom connection in the new location. In order for a service provider to install necessary cables into the office, a wayleave agreement may be required. If your business heavily relies on the use of the Internet, the agreement should be agreed on as soon as possible. 

4. Service Charge

It’s quite common for leaseholders to pay the landlords for services such as management costs, building insurance, concierges, etc. These costs are subjected to annual review and can go up or down. 

5. Dilapidations

Your business may still be subject to dilapidation liability from the previous location, especially if you signed an IRI (internal repairing and insuring) or an FRI (full repairing and insuring) lease.

Moving to smaller premises and more flexible workspace might seem like a good option as businesses reevaluate their space requirements. The trick is to identify as many costs related to the office move as possible beforehand, so you can dodge the financial headaches later down the line.

At Edward Baden, we offer specialist removal services with expertise, care and dedication. With over 25 years in the relocation industry, we can smoothly and effectively handle a wide range of relocating, moving, shipping, packing and storage contracts in different businesses, spanning from commercial companies, hotels, museums, schools, libraries to hospitals and laboratories.

During your office move, no aspect will be left unattended. Take a look at why clients in numerous industries entrust Edward Baden with their moving projects.

Interested in our removal services? Give us a call on 0800 027 2668 and find out how we can help with your office move.

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