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Are you contemplating relocating your business to the Big City? A change of location can do wonders for your business, bringing new opportunities! A strategically located business gives your business higher visibility helping you reach your target market and prospective customers. The city also gives you access to a pool of diversified employees with varied skill sets enriching your work environment.

With good planning, moving can be easy! 

Here are four steps to relocate seamlessly with minimal disruption to your business

1. Pack Up the Office Furniture

Begin packing as soon as possible! Start with items you don’t use as often, leaving the things you use most for last such as computers and printers. This will help ease and fasten the packing process.

2. Notify the Employees and Client

Get them ready and keep them well informed! Send out e-mails or call customers to inform them of your new location. Everyone likes to feel included. Start assigning work desks and parking spaces ahead.

3. Moving A to B

Before the BIG DAY comes, plan and organise which item goes where and inform the movers on your strategy. This way it’ll save you time on unpacking and moving those bulky filing cabinets into the right rooms.

4. Setting Up Shop Again

Rewiring computers and connecting servers can be a headache but absolutely necessary. Get the whole team involved! Teamwork is essential and will expedite the process minimising company downtime.

Are you still concerned about the hassles of relocating? Speak to us! Here at Cube Specialist Movers, we will take care of everything! With over 15 years of industry experience, trust us to precisely move your office, workforce, business records and assets to your new office. 

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