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Is Your Business Location Holding You Back?

You may think relocating your business is too much hassle and financially draining but in the long term it might just be what saves your business and creates long-term profitability. Location decisions can have a considerable impact on costs and revenues. 

4 factors to consider when choosing a business location


If the new business location is close to a large pool of prospective customers, your business will be more likely to be favoured. Other than the convenience, customers can be confident that their products and services will be delivered on time and with ease. 

So when considering a new premise, ask yourself: Is your location convenient for customers? Can they get to you? Can you get to them? Is the nature of your business that it relies on footfall? If so, is your business visible to your target audience? Location is critical.

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Do you have access to a quality workforce with the right skills and who are willing to work for the right wage? If your business is moving too far away from the workforce, consider remote and hybrid working. As many employees prefer these working models, you will have a higher chance of recruitment. Remote or hybrid working is also beneficial as you can easily downsize anytime, and won’t have to invest too much in office space. 

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Support Services

Are your suppliers easily accessible and offering appropriate delivery costs? Are there services offering specialist advice, such as consultants, training and other support? These are critical as well as the infrastructure that feeds the location. The transport networks must be considered for suppliers and employees alike. 


How much will the premises cost? A prime city location will be far more expensive than edge-town premises but if your business relies on footfall you may easily make back these costs over time.

In comparison, if you are for example an online business, perhaps a less visible location is more appropriate as well as being much cheaper. Contact Cube Self Storage today! Our climate-controlled business storage and workspace solutions are a smart choice for cutting down business costs. 

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Other Factors

Other important factors that should be taken into account are energy costs, transport costs, expansion potential and so on.

So consider all of these factors and ask yourself… Is your business location holding you back? Could you be better located in order to optimise your business operations? If so get in contact with Edward Baden by calling us on 0800 027 2668 to help and guide you through the office relocation process. As experts in our field, we have a wealth of experience in managing relocations of all varieties from small businesses to schools and hospitals.

Let Edward Baden make your process of moving to a new business location efficient and hassle-free! 

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