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Hybrid Working Is Transforming The Workplace

It’s been months since covid restrictions were lifted and employees, in the most part, were keen to get back to the 9-5. But how ready are we really, to go back into the office full-time? Has Covid left a lasting impression on the UK workforce. Is a hybrid working model the future? And if so… what does that mean for businesses. 

Hybrid Working Revolutionising The Workplace

Adopting a Hybrid Working model gives people the flexibility to divide their time between working remotely and working from the office. With less time spent doing the daily commute, workers are happier, more focused, and in turn… more productive. There are also environmental impacts – saving on the CO2 of commuting. A win – win for both the employer and their employees. 

Hybrid Working – The Stats;

  • Remote and hybrid jobs are 7 times more attractive to applicants compared to office based roles, spanning industries and experience levels (CareerBuilder, 2022).
  • More than 8 in 10 workers who had to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic said they planned to do hybrid work, citing numerous benefits, mainly improved work-life balance (Office for National Statistics, 2022).
  • Research from Owl Labs (2021) stresses that remote and hybrid employees were 22% more content compared to their onsite office counterparts, had longer retention rate, less stress, more focus and productivity.
  • Some might even prefer to stop working than commute any time soon: In a recent survey of 400 employees, it was shown that over 50% of respondents would think about quitting their job if their employer required them to go to work before they felt safe (Morning Consult, 2022). 

What Does This Mean For Businesses?

As the popularity of hybrid working continues to grow, in order to retain and recruit talent, businesses need to adopt a hybrid working model, where employees can split their time between working remotely and time in the office. 

This will mean a shift in office requirements and functionality – where many businesses will think about downsizing as the need for desk space for staff reduces. And with the current status of the UK economy, cost savings are high on the agenda. With the adoption of hybrid working, comes the flexibility of downsizing or relocating to a new location. Moving away from costly central city locations, in favour of more regional, smaller office space. 

We Can Help With The Transition

If an office move or downsizing office space is a part of your strategy, we cover all aspects of your relocation needs: Planning, Removals, Crate Hire, Relocations, Installation, Commercial Storage, Document Storage & Climate Controlled Storage.

As part of our stress-free and single point of contact package, we also provide durable plastic crate hire of all sizes and bespoke storage services. With over 25 years of expertise, we trust that you’ll find our services hard to beat!

Contact Edward Baden for your commercial relocation and/or storage needs today!

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