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How Businesses Can Encourage Employees To Relocate

When your business expands, you want your best people to grow with you. If expansion requires your employees to relocate, then knowing what to offer and how to keep them on board and excited about their new home helps facilitate a smooth move.

Let’s face it, to relocate is a challenging ordeal for anyone and when your employee trusts you to be making the right decisions and organising a stress-free move, it pays to plan. Prioritising the important details first, such as moving services, is an all-important part of getting the relocation right.

5 Tips to Ensure your Employees Have a Great Move

1. Communicate Throughout

Plan early to reduce the worries involved in the relocation process. Talk to your employee before, during and even after the relocation,  communicating all the important details – and later the less urgent ones – so that you are both on the same page and nothing is left out. No one wants the daily minutiae of the move, but no one wants to be left in the dark about something that affects them either! Remember, no employee and their circumstances for moving are the same, each will require different support. Some may want information on local travelling times to and from their new place of work, others information on local schools, clubs and organisations. A text every few days to keep in touch post-move, shows your employee you care about how well they settle into their new location. 

2. Hire Professionals to Relocate

As the employer you are responsible for relocating your staff member but you can take the worry out of the process for yourself by hiring a professional relocation service provider. At Edward Baden, we pride ourselves on our excellent relocation services and strive to make the whole process as easy and stress-free as possible for you. We offer a wide range of specialist services including domestic and worldwide corporate and personnel relocations. Every relocation is thoroughly discussed and prepared to ensure a successful move with bespoke services that will tailor to your employee’s unique needs.

3. Visit the Local Area

While everything is one click away on the internet, there’s nothing like familiarising yourself with a new location than visiting in advance if possible. Moving to a new location, especially if this is a new country, can be daunting. Local laws and regulations need to be navigated and even something seemingly as simple as arranging for an internet connection, or opening up a new bank account, can readily become an intimidating task. Helping your employee with a visit or providing them with this crucial information in advance, will help them utilise their time on arrival more productively. 

4. Family Support

Often a job relocation involves family members moving too. If a spouse is employed, they might need help with finding a suitable job in the new location, or the family may decide that the employees initially relocate on their own. If children are part of the move, they may need help in finding new schools, or they may choose to complete a school year in their present location. Whatever the situation, being considerate to an employee’s individual circumstances ensures a smooth relocation process for all.

5. Outline Expectations and Keep in Touch

It’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement or anxiety of the upheaval of a relocation, so it is very important to gently remind employees that they will be expected to perform their normal duties during this time. Clearly outlining expectations is helpful to avoid confusion, but also ensure that your employee isn’t staying too late in the office at the end of the day – be mindful of the extra burden of additional home and move-related tasks on top of their usual workload.

Uprooting your life, and sometimes that of your whole family, is an overwhelming event for anyone.  Supporting your employees willing to make these brave changes with the tips detailed above, makes for a happy move and happy employee. It’s not surprising that a bitter relocation experience sours professional relationships and can lead to employees seeking job opportunities elsewhere. A costly endeavour for all. 

Whether you are looking to facilitate an exceptional office relocation service for your employees or are considering alternative reasons for relocation, Edward Baden offers a wide range of specialist services including domestic and worldwide corporate and personnel relocations, IT relocation, move management, warehouse, contract and records management storage. Every relocation is thoroughly discussed and prepared to ensure a successful move; we guarantee to provide bespoke services that will tailor to your needs.

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