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Fragile Items Packing Tips For Moving Or Relocation

Keeping your fragile items safe and secure during a relocation can be a daunting task, especially when you have little or no experience of packing. To prevent breaking, chipping or scratching your precious items, it’s really important to plan ahead and prepare thoroughly to keep your valuables damage-free. 

With our smart tips, moving fragile items can be a stress-free experience!

1. Box Clever

Stay clear of flimsy and fragile boxes that can soak up water or moisture easily, opt for thick, sturdy ones. If cardboard boxes are your only available option, be careful to secure the bottom with strips of tape to prevent heavy items breaking through. If you’re considering a more robust method for moving fragile items, our Easycrate plastic crates can be hired in a range of sizes to suit offering flexibility and affordability. 

2. Packing Materials

Use foam, packing paper, bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts or even towels to pack items individually, and fill the void in hollow items. This lessens the chance of fragile items being broken by helping to absorb any vibrations that occur during transit.

3. Packing Order

Smartly layer your valuables in order with smaller items sitting on top and bulky, heavier items packed at the bottom. This way, the base is well-supported and smaller things won’t be crushed.

4. Use Dividers for Glasses & Stemware

Any collision or shifting during a relocation can be minimised by using cardboard dividers. Boxes specifically designed for stemware are a good investment.

5. Labelling

Clearly mark the outside of your box using a “Fragile items” label, so that anyone who moves it will remember to pay extra care and attention. It’s a good idea to group boxes containing fragile items together to avoid confusion or mistakes when being handled.


If all of these packing and preparation steps seem nerve-wrecking and somewhat overwhelming, why not give Edward Baden a call? Relocation experts for more than 25 years with an unrivalled knowledge in a wide range of industries, Edward Baden guarantees to provide you with bespoke and cost-effective relocation services. We handle fragile items of any size and in any form, from glassware, china and artwork, to historical artefacts and scientific instruments.

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