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Top 5 Commercial Moving Tips

Here’s how you can move to a new office without affecting work productivity.

A new year, a new vision! So, what do you have planned for your company this year? Are you finally taking the plunge to expand or downsize? Whichever the case, we are here to help!

Now is the best time to move to an office that best fits your company’s needs and budget.

Here, we share with you 5 tips on how you can make moving a breeze!

1. Keep your Employees and Clientele Informed!

Spread the good news! Who wouldn’t love to move into a new office? Let your employees in on the news early, they would be dying to know when and where and will be ever ready to be of help! Also, be sure to inform your customers – put up notices at the front door, reception and send out e-mails! Always be ready to answer any concerns your clients may have.

2. Create a Moving Checklist

Make sure everything is accounted for by getting a checklist ready. Start with:

  • Assigning your team

There’s just so much to plan and do. Break it down into categories and delegate them out and keep track on who will be managing each task. As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work!

  • Create an inventory

Keep track of everything! From office furniture, files and stock and then decide if you want to bring them all with you to your new place or dispose of them! Now’s the time to dispose of the unwanted clutter or put them into storage with our sister company, Cube Self Storage!

  • Prepare a new office floor plan and layout

That way you will know where to put and arrange everything over at the new office. When packing always label the boxes to indicate where the boxes should go. This will save you so much time, imagine having to open up the boxes just to find out what’s inside?

  • Allocate a moving budget

Calculate a budget that works well for you. Yes, moving can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be with proper planning. Plan well to avoid any surprises!

3. Contact your service providers

With all the planning, don’t miss out your service providers! You wouldn’t want to encounter service interruptions. (especially Wi-Fi connection and telephone lines!) This will greatly affect operation downtime. Schedule transfers and installations ahead of time!

4. Prepare and Order Good Packing Supplies

Save time with quality packing materials! You wouldn’t want your cardboard boxes to give way when moving. Oh, the horror! Just imagine, the items spilling through the ripped cardboard boxes! Only use double corrugated cardboard boxes to pack heavy items or for added protection rent our Easycrates!  Our plastic hire crates are sturdily built to protect your items during transit, it comes with interlocking lids making packing oh so easy! Shop for your packing materials here at our Cube Box Shop or book your Easycrates here.

5. Use Edward Baden Specialist Movers

Safe yourself the hassles of planning a relocation move with us! We’ll provide you with a seamless business relocation service. Just brief us your requirements and we will assist with everything. We will assign a dedicated project management team to take care of every detail and aspect to deliver a smooth and effective move! Our staff are skilled and highly trained in the precise moving of your office, workforce and assets.

What are you waiting for?

Leave the finer details of moving to us!

Speak to our friendly specialist movers today!

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