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Worshipful Company of Skinners' Company Removals

The Client

The Skinners' Company Logo

Originated from the mediaeval trade guild of furriers, the Skinners’ Company was established by the Royal Charter in 1327. Today, the Company is one of the Great Twelve Livery Companies of the City of London, and functions as a significant not-for-profit organisation that operates eight schools, grant programmes and sheltered housing.
Through educational, charitable and military sponsorship, the Company provides assistance to the Mayoralty and the Corporation of London. The organisation is renowned for their philanthropy endeavours, with education at the heart of the charitable purpose.

The Project

The Skinner’s Company had a requirement for a complete company removals that includes professional packing, installation, environmental disposal, two years of specialised storage service as well as the transportation and relocation of Artefacts, Artwork, Antique furniture, Wine, Safe, and other valuables.

The Solution

Cube’s ultimate objective was to seamlessly execute the Skinner’s Company removals and ensure the integrity of the Company’s assets. In addition, we provided premium storage services and continuous expert support from the project director, managers and operation team. With over 25 years of expertise, Cube was able to propose a comprehensive solution with minimum disruption to the business.

Services Provided

The delivery of 13 Sir Frank Brangwyn Paintings from Cube’s storage facility to the Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft. Cube also provided storage services for the Skinner’s Company, which included 104 weeks of 600 sq. ft. of Temperature and Humidity Controlled Storage and 104 weeks of 1,500 sq. ft. of Ambient Self-Storage (Standard Storage).

Furthermore, the export packing and relocation of valuables including:

Packing Methodologies

1. Artwork

The Artwork packing process of the Skinner’s relocations took place in the following order;

Skinners Hall Company Removals - Artwork - Calendar

Step 1. Cube’s Managing Director arranged a sequential schedule of packing for each location within Skinner’s Hall.​

Heavy duty folding tables

Step 2. Set up a mobile packing station using two heavy duty folding tables.

White cotton Gloves

Step 3. Artwork carefully placed onto the workstation. All team members wore white cotton gloves to prevent contaminants such as dirt, salts, acids, and hands' oils.

Photograph artwork condition before packing

Step 4. Photographed condition picture of each piece of artwork before packing.


Step 5. Placed and wrapped paintings in Tyvek (a durable, breathable material used to protect  paintings).

Jiffy Furni-Guard

Step 6. Overwrapped the artwork using Jiffy Furni-Guard to increase strength, puncture resistance and cushion protection.

Skinners Hall Company Removals - Artwork - Bespoke foam lined cases 2

Step 7. Export-wrapped artwork (over the value of £10,000) placed into bespoke foam-lined cases.

Painting label

Step 8A. Each individual painting carefully labelled as per the description supplied by Skinner’s Hall.


Step 8B. Barcoded each individual piece for scanning delivery on arrival at Cube Self Storage.

High-density foam lined cage

Step 9A. Smaller packed paintings placed into high-density foam lined cages to minimise movement and vibration during transport to storage.

Air ride suspension tail lift vehicle

Step 9B. Air ride suspension tail lift vehicle used to transport oversized pieces. Paintings carefully held in position using web ties.

Wrapped Artwork in Storage picture racks

Step 10. Artwork perfectly placed into storage picture racks.

2. Wine Stock
Wine Storage at Cube Self Storage
Wine Storage at Cube Self Storage

The removal specialists packed the wine bottles into lined wine boxes, six bottles per box. Upon arrival, the packed wine was placed onto the rack in Cube’s humidity and temperature-controlled storage. We made sure to place the bottles on their sides so that they are laying flat whilst being stored.

3. Antique Furniture

Each piece of furniture was photographed and recorded any damage. Afterwards, the team export wrapped the antique furniture from Skinners Hall in Jiffy Furni-Guard. This offers increased strength and cushioning, whilst in transport and during storage.

Antique Furniture - Export Wrap - Original State
Antique Furniture - Export Wrapping
Antique Furniture - Export Wrapping
4. Silverware
High density foam lined plastic crates

The moving team packed silverware into high-density foam-lined plastic crates. They were carefully protected using acid-free tissue and then overwrapped for added protection. 

Each crate was sealed with a numbered security seal and labelled as per the item number on the Inventory list provided by Skinners Hall. This offers the member of Skinner’s the ability to check and sign off before the crate was sealed and again on re-delivery. 

We precisely placed the tagged crates containing the Silverware into a secure room within Cube Self Storage’s storage facility.

The Process

Cube’s seamless relocation services featured on the Skinner’s Hall Instagram:

Cube's Organisation Structure

Cube Relocations relocating Skinner's Company's Safe

Given the scope of the Skinner’s Company Removals project, Cube appointed a team of highly qualified specialists to carry out the refurbishment. The main point of contact was the Project Director, who was responsible for service delivery and attended project review meetings. In addition, the Commercial Director would support the Project Director and where necessary would attend review meetings with the Skinner’s representative.

The organisational structure included the Office Key Account Manager, Relocation Manager, Transport Manager and Fine Arts Manager who worked very closely together on a daily basis with the Operations/Relocations and Fine Art team to provide a seamless relocation service.

Cube's Organisational Structure

Building Protection

Prior to the removal commencement date, Cube conducted an interior building condition audit using a digital camera. All areas of concern would be discussed and itemised in a mutually agreed report. The team installed correx, layered paper covers, hardboards in vulnerable areas such as the access route to and from vehicle points, lift interior and doors.

Packing and Removal into Storage

Cube Relocations carried out the export packing and casing of Artwork, Antique Furniture, Mirrors, Misc items, Silver Vault Items, 2000 bottles from Wine Stock, Clocks Ornaments, 30 cubic metres of Wrapped and Rolled Carpets and Library. All valuables were relocated to Cube Self Storage facility as per the previous methodology and per a pre-agreed sequence, with scanned delivery on arrival according to the barcodes and labels as per client inventory.

Frank Brangwyn The Skinners' Hall Murals

Office Relocation

The removal specialists relocated the Skinner’s Hall office with the assistance of Cube Crate Hire’s sturdy and durable plastic crates. All PCs, associated equipment, crates and remaining ancillary items were packed and moved to the new premises and positioned as per designated plans.

Environmental Disposal

Items for Environmental Disposal include;

  • Outdated Return Desks
  • Redundant Storage
  • Remaining Carpets
  • Desktop Printers
  • Kitchenette Dishwasher, Oven and Hob

Relocating Valuable Artwork

Cube Relocations packed and transported Fan Maker Alice (Duchess of Gloucester painting) to the assigned destination. Furthermore, we delivered 13 pieces of Sir Frank Bragwyn Collection to the Ditchling Museum.

Removal and Return from Storage including Unpacking Services

Cube Relocations will return Artwork, Antique Furniture and Mirrors from the storage facility to Skinner’s Hall, with full unpacking services provided for Silver Vault Items, Wine Stock, clocks ornaments and Library.

Sign Off

Our specialist movers collaborated closely with the Skinner’s representatives to guarantee smooth and precisely organised company removals. On-site supervision was provided together with a daily review of activities and deadlines with the site Project Manager. The sign-off of the project only happens when everything is fully completed and environmentally disposed of.

Additional Information

In September 2021, Skinner’s Hall officially closed their unique and historic venue to prepare for a full-scale redevelopment. The focal point of the comprehensive removals is the sustainability-accessibility improvement and restoration. Interestingly, this is the first time that all contents have been relocated from the Hall in over 400 years. The scale of the project is not to be underestimated, and many areas previously unseen by even the Hall’s staff are unearthed.

Find out more about the fascinating redevelopment of Skinner’s Hall in this video.

Skinners' Hall Redevelopment Update - Spring 2023

If you’re interested in one-stop relocation and storage services, please contact us on 0800 027 2668 or drop us an email at [email protected] today. 

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