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"Thank you very much for all of your support with our move. The team were brilliant; incredibly helpful and very patient with us."

Ruth Bartholomew at Thames Hospice 

The Client

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Thames Hospice situated in East Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire is a local charity providing expert care for adults living with life-limiting illnesses requiring respite care, therapy, nursing, medical and palliative care or end of life care. While also, caring for the patient’s physical, social and psychological needs as well as providing emotional support and working together with family members and carers to develop programmes dedicated to suit the patient’s individual needs.

The Project

In July 2020, Thames Hospice had a requirement for the relocation of 150 staff and effects from their office in Hatch Lane, Windsor to their new premises on Windsor Road, Bray. The project consisted of the main relocation of office staff, relocation of clinical staff on a separate date, removal of effects including the decommissioning and recommissioning of all PCs and associated equipment.

The Solution

Cube Relocations’ main objective was to ensure that the relocation was completed with minimum downtime to Thames Hospice and thus, using our 20 years of expertise in the relocation industry, we were able to gauge and plan our time wisely.  We proposed a bespoke specialist packing and removal solution that would ensure a smooth relocation process from beginning to end, ensuring each piece of furniture was properly dismantled, packed and protected during the relocation process with absolutely minimum downtime to the business.

The Process

Two days prior to moving day, our Easycrate team delivered 325 Easycrates (EC3 Personal Crates) over to Thames Hospice for packing purposes. Thames Hospice carried out their own personal packing and bulk filing using Easycrates.

On moving day, our team reported to site and our Team Supervisor conducted a Risk Assessment.  Protective materials were installed by the Cube Relocations team to ensure the protection of the building. Hardboards were laid from the reception and main entrance to vehicle points as well as all main access routes. Lift interiors were protected by use of hardboard and correx and main exit doors were layered with paper covers.

Our expert IT team (comprised of an IT team leader and four IT engineers) began work on decommissioning all IT equipment. After the computers were safely packed and ready to go, our main relocation team (comprising three vehicle drivers, supervisors, porters and a fitter) safely relocated the IT crates and desks to the new office premises.

On day two of the project, our IT team recommission all IT equipment at the new locations, whilst the main relocation team worked on moving the remaining furniture, personal effects and bulk filing crates. At the new site, all effects were positioned as per the agreed floor-plan provided by the client and fine-tuned as to the client’s satisfaction.

Upon completion, the team removed and environmentally disposed of building protection from both sites. Our Cube Relocations Team Supervisor signed off with the on site client representative to ensure all tasks had been completed, and to the required standards.

One week later, our Easycrate team returned to collect the 325 Easycrates (EC3 Personal Crates).

The same process was applied for the relocation of clinical staff on a separate date.

Project Highlights

  • Working closely with the Thames Hospice team to ensure smooth relocation of 150 staff and the removal of effects.
  • Decommissioning and recommissioning of all IT equipment
  • Labelling – each workstation/ desk was given a unique position number and identified sequentially on the floor plan through coloured labels.

Additional Information

Thames Hospice offers its services for free, relying on the community for over 50% of the funds raised annually and from the support of fundraisers and donors. Find out more about the services they offer the local community on their website.

Should you require similar specialist moving services, contact us or give us a call on 0800 027 2668 to speak to our friendly team. We will be glad to assist you.

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