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Seamless Office Move For E2Open

"I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to you and all the team that work super hard yesterday with the office move. A lot of hard work made easy because everyone involved was efficient, helpful and professional."

Emma Coray, Facilities Specialist at E2Open

The Client


E2open is a cloud-based business software company that provides supply chain management solutions to businesses of all sizes. The company’s platform helps businesses improve their supply chain visibility, collaboration, and agility. Last year the business won the Gold Title in Enterprise Service of the Year category in Best in Biz Awards. The business also received a Bronze title for Most Innovative Service of the Year (2022). 

The Project

E2Open requested an IT office move from Winnersh Triangle Business Park to the 14th floor of the Blue Tower, MediaCityUK. Cube Relocations seamlessly transported all staff, furniture, electronic devices, and equipment into the new building. Our sister company Cube Self Storage also provided 300 sq ft of self storage service for E2Open’s collection of items. The move was a two-day midweek programme during normal working hours.

The Solution

The main objective of Cube Relocations is to ensure that the office move would be completed with minimum downtime. Maintaining the integrity of the business’s assets is also our top priority. With a wealth of experience, Cube meticulously planned and executed the project from start to finish, which involves:

  • General management and coordination of all move activities including planning and execution
  • The supply of professional equipment such as crates, moving boxes, furniture guard and materials
  • Collaborated closely with the client’s representatives to agree where items are moving from and to i.e. mapping
  • On-site Supervision
  • Constant review of activities and deadlines with site Project Manager
  • Professional relocation team including IT Engineers, Packers, Fitters and Porters which are all nominated, fully trained and experienced
  • Sign-off with the client’s representative only when the move is completed

The Process

Prior to the office move commencement date, our Cube Relocations Supervisor carried out an interior buildings condition audit, received final briefing and signed off with E2Open’s representative. Protective materials of hardboard, paper covers and correx were installed to protect areas of vulnerability in lifts, main entrances and access routes.

Phase 1

Our specialist packing team took down all the TVs from the walls and fully protected them using a padded furniture guard. Other furniture and ancillary items were also professionally packed and loaded on vehicles, ready to be transported to Cube Self Storage’s climate controlled storage facility to be protectively stored for the duration of the IT office move. 

Phase 2

The team completed the full delivery to the 14th floor of Media City and positioned the furniture and items as per client’s instruction. Cube Relocations’ specialist movers worked closely with E2Open to guarantee a smooth and precisely organised relocation. We provided on-site supervision and reviewed activities and deadlines with the site Project Manager daily. The sign-off of the project only happened when everything was fully completed. All unwanted items were cleared and environmentally disposed of.

Project Highlights

During the on-site survey, our team recommended E2open to leave the two 2.4m glass boards which have been siliconed to the wall as moving them would pose a high risk of damaging the office wall. 

Packing Methodologies

Cube removals specialists recommended that each workstation/desk be given a unique position number and would be identified sequentially on the floor plan. Afterward, personnel were to be advised of their new location number for the labelling of their personnel crates and PC.

The team mirrored the process for each storage cabinet/cupboard again with a unique number but prefixed the label with a “C”. By this way, our porters would position the crate by a storage cabinet rather than a desk location.

Additional Information

In March 2023, E2Open published an article called ‘The “Word of Mouth” Factor: How Your Channel Ecosystem Can Leverage Influencers’ which discusses how influencers can be incredibly helpful in advertising your business’s products or services in the new marketing landscape. Please click here iif you’re a fellow marketer or wish to learn more about the topic. 

Find out how E2Open’s supply chain platform can help your business grow at

If you’re interested in Cube Relocations’ office move and other similar services, please contact us on 0800 027 2668 and let us help your business today!

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