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“I just wanted to say what a pleasure it has been working with you guys and I would highly recommend you to any other business – if only all businesses were as attentive as you guys have been, anyway thanks again for all your work you and your team supported us with! Thanks again and will keep you in mind if there are any requirements in the future.”

Helen Kenward, Finance & Operations Director at Linkam Scientific Instruments Ltd.

The Client

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Linkam Scientific Instruments was founded in 1982 by Louise and Arnold Kamp. The name of the institution is incorporated by the founders’ family name – Van der Linden and Kamp. Linkam specialises in innovating and developing scientific instruments for the world’s most advanced scientific companies and organisations. The business takes pride in their high level of dedication and is passionate about constructing cutting-edge solutions that will assist progress in scientific discovery.

The Project

Linkam was a large and technical two-phase project where Cube Relocations worked very closely with the client to relocate staff, furniture, effects and equipment from their existing buildings at Epsom Downs Metro Centre into the new one at Perrywood Industrial Park. 
The relocation was scheduled into two phases, with phase one taking place in March 2022, and the second phase occurring in April 2022. 

The Solution

Our main objective is to ensure that the relocation will be completed with a minimum down time to the Linkam Scientific Instruments. With over 20 years of unrivalled experience in the relocation industry, Cube Relocations successfully packed, transitioned and unpacked all required items including specialist scientific equipment, delicate stock items such as China and glassware, machine parts, heavy tooling, and furniture. In addition, label and plastic crate hire from our sister company, Easycrate was also utilised efficiently for a smooth and secure relocation. 

Specialist Moving Materials used in the relocation process by the team:

  • EC1 IT Crate
  • EC2 Locker Crate
  • EC3 Standard Lidded Crate
  • EC6 Metre Crate
  • Secure Roll Cage

The Process

Prior to the relocation commencement, Cube Relocations conducted an interior building condition audit to identify key areas of past damage. Vulnerable zones including the reception, lifts, main access routes, main entrances and exits were protected by hardboard, correx and layers of paper covers.

Phase 1 focused on the Office, R&D as well as Sales and Marketing departments. While the Easycrate team handled the delivery and collection of 240 standard lidded crates, labels, and any remaining equipment on the first and last day, the Relocation team focused on the preparation and loading of equipment, furniture and packed crates in the span of 7 days. The Relocation team including 2 supervisors, 2 vehicle and driver, porters and fitters successfully removed all items to the new premise where they were placed according to Linkam’s floor plans and instruction. By the end of the 7th day, our supervisors signed off with the on-site client representative to ensure all moving tasks were complete and met client’s satisfaction and approval.

Phase 2 took place during weekdays, thus we made sure to keep disruption to a minimal level. This time the aim was to export wrap machine parts and delicate stock items. A standard procedure of laying all necessary building protection prior to the relocation commencement occurred; and 120 standard lidded crates, labels, and remaining equipment were taken care of by the Easycrate team on the beginning and end of Phase 2. From Monday to Friday, the Relocation team completed the packing and unpacking of the specialist scientific equipment into foam-lined computer crates and metal roll cages. Small heavy duty locker crates with integral lids were provided for the heavy specialist tooling. Other furniture, equipment, packed crates, pallets, and locker crates were also carefully transferred over to the new building. A signing-off with Linkam’s representative took place at the end to guarantee the client’s contentment.

Project Highlights

Our teams worked closely with Linkam Scientific Instruments to ensure a smooth transition. The 2-phase large removal project was supervised and deadlines were constantly reviewed with the site Project Manager. The sign-off was an integral part that only happened when everything was fully completed. All unwanted items and furniture  were cleared and environmentally disposed of.

Additional Information

What makes  Linkam Scientific Instruments unique is the expertise to assess whether an idea will, and can work in a relatively short time, offering working prototypes designed and built-in-house at their state-of-the-art facilities located in the UK or The Netherlands. They have also collaborated with the largest and most sophisticated technology companies in the world, enabling practical solutions that nobody else has done before.

If you require specialist moving services, speak to our friendly team or ring us on 0800 027 2668. We are happy to be of assistance.

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