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Lily’s Kitchen Relocation Project

The Client

Lily’s Kitchen creates the high quality, delicious and natural food for pets. Their food is lovingly made using only natural and nutritious ingredients like fresh meat to help keep your furry friend in tip top condition.

The Project

Lily’s Kitchen had a requirement for the relocation of their main office from Hampstead High Street, London to their new premises in Goodge Street, London. The project consisted of the relocation of 53 staff and effects including the decommissioning and recommissioning of all PCs and associated equipment, pre-moving packing assistance along with the environmental disposal of redundant furniture.

The items moved comprised of

Desk Chairs, Pedestals, Majority of Storage Cupboards, PCs and associated equipment, Crockery and Glasses, Personal and Bulk Filing, Lamp, Reception Chairs, Foot Stools, Some Product Stock, Merchandise, 4 x TVs, Showroom Displays, Flip Charts, Plants, Shredder & Franking Machine, Dog Crates & Dog Beds, 10 x White Boards, 11 x Fire Extinguisher, Stationary, Silver Trolley, Coffee Machine, 4 x Stools, 3 x Board Room Tables (brown), 2 x Sofas, Designers Bench, Country Unit, 1 x TV, 7 x Meeting room chairs.

Lily’s Kitchen Relocation Project

The redundant furniture to be environmentally disposed of

Reception Desk, Large Unit behind Reception desk (less cabinets), 2 x white Desks, All main Office desks, Red & Yellow Meeting Chairs, Fridge, Hot/Cold Water machine, Dishwasher, 2 x Meeting Tables, Sofa’s, Kitchen Table, Designers Bench, Breakout Furniture, Boardroom Credenza, Boardroom Chairs, Red Sofa and 2 x red chairs, Green Sofa and 2 x green chairs.

The Solution

Cube Relocations proposed a bespoke specialist packing and removal solution that would ensure a smooth relocation process of the office furniture and equipment. With our years of expertise in the relocation industry, we were able to expertly propose and plan the move from beginning to sign off, whilst ensuring each furniture were properly protected, dismantled and packed during the relocation process with minimum downtime to the business.

The Process

Prior to the move, protective materials were installed by the Cube Relocations team to ensure the protection of the building. Hardboards were laid from the reception and main entrance to vehicle points as well as all main access routes. Lift interiors were protected by use of hardboard and correx and main exit doors were layered with paper covers. The exit doors were also protected using layered paper covers.

On the first day of the relocation, our expert IT team (comprised of an IT team leader and two IT engineers) along with our main relocation team (comprised of vehicle drivers, supervisors, porters and a fitter) reported to site. The IT team began work on decommissioning of all PCs and associated equipment, while the main relocation team prioritised the packing of the furniture and office equipment. The fitter worked on removing the TV brackets to be re-installed at the new premise.

All the PCs and associated cables and accessories were then packed into our custom-built IT Easycrates. The Easycrates were foamed lined for added protection to ensure utmost protection of the PCs and IT equipment during transit.

After the computers were safely packed and ready to go, our main relocation team (comprised of vehicle drivers, supervisors, porters and a fitter) safely relocated the IT crates to the new office premises along with the other office furniture.

On the second day, the main relocation team returned to complete the relocation of all packed crates and crates and ancillary items to new location, as per designated plans. At the new premise, the fitter re-installed the TV Brackets to hang the TV in the Boardroom. While the IT team, simultaneously worked on completing the recommissioning of PC’s and associated equipment in the new location including new monitor arms at new desk locations.

When all the furniture had been removed from the old premise, the main relocation team uplifted and removed all building protection from both sites. Upon completion of the relocation, our Cube Relocations Supervisor and IT team leader signed off with on-site client representative to ensure all moving tasks had been completed up to standards.

On the third day, the Cube Relocations team began the environmental disposal of redundant furniture and transported the furniture for environmentally friendly disposal at their respective individual waste streams. 

Project Highlights

  • Working closely with the Lily’s Kitchen team to ensure smooth relocation of 53 staff and the removal of effects
  • Decommissioning and recommissioning of all PCs and associated equipment
  • Usage of Specialist IT Easycrates – to ensure the safe transit of all IT equipment
  • Labelling – Each workstation/ desk was given a unique position number and identified sequentially on the floor plan through coloured labels. For labels indicating a “C” (Cupboard/Cabinets), our Cube Relocations porter positioned the crate in storage by a storage cabinet rather than a desk location, as indicated.

Additional Information

Lily’s Kitchen was named after and created for an adorable Border Terrier, Lily. Lily is the inspiration behind this amazing pet food brand. It all began when Henrietta Morrison, Lily’s owner and also the founder, cooked nutritious homemade meals for Lily when she was ill. Starting from humble beginnings in a kitchen in Hampstead, Lily’s Kitchen pet food for dogs and cats has grown remarkably and is now sold in over 1000 stores such as Waitrose, Tesco, Ocado, organic food shops, veterinary clinics and pet shops all over the United Kingdom and across 16 countries.

Lily’s Kitchen adopts an ethical approach when making its food, respecting the environment with sustainable sourcing using only recyclable and compostable packaging and has been awarded the UK’s Number One Ethical Pet Food Company by the Ethical Good Shopping Guide.

Find out more about their delicious range of proper food for pets on their website

Should you require similar specialist moving services, contact us or give us a call on 0800 027 2668 to speak to our friendly team. We will be glad to assist you.

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