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The Client

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Founded in 1929, the Freshwater Biological Association (FBA) is a registered charity and thriving membership association dedicated to understanding and conserving freshwaters across the globe by facilitating innovative research in the field and making information about these environments easily accessible. FBA is home to some of the oldest historical data, publications and collections in the UK and is dedicated to the study of freshwater habitats such as lakes, tarns, ponds, rivers and streams. They provide current and up-to-date reliable advice to the public and professionals to encourage everyone to protect the freshwater environment around them.

The Project

Between March and July 2021, the Freshwater Biological Association required the relocation of offices, laboratory, library and basement book stock and archives from their premises in Far Sawrey, Ambleside and Wareham, Dorset to their new location in Ulverston. The client also required specialist heavy division removals of safes, dismantling works and  heavy lifting of redundant furniture to on-site skips supplied by the client.

The Solution

Edward Baden proposed a bespoke programme spanning four months (between March and July 2021). Edward Baden’s main objective was to ensure  minimum downtime to Freshwater Biological Associaton. To best ensure the systematic transfer of library books, Edward Baden implemented sequential packing and unpacking using Easycrates, durable plastic lidded crates with interlocking lids, ideal for transporting books. These custom-built reusable crates are sturdy and can be stacked one on top of the other without damaging the contents inside when in transit or storage.

The Process

Before moving day, we undertook a Risk Assessment (interior building condition audit) on all the premises using a digital camera and conducted a thorough walk around the premises along with the client’s representative to identify any key areas of past damage. All areas of concern were discussed and itemised in a mutually agreed report. Once the plan was agreed, the team proceeded to lay all the necessary building protection materials to ensure the protection of the building during the move. The team placed hardboards from the reception and main entrance to vehicle points including all the main access routes. The lift interiors were covered using hardboard and correx while the main exit doors were layered with paper covers. After laying down the necessary building protection, the team got straight to work and packed the items from the Offices, Laboratory and basement from Ambleside to Ulverston and removed the redundant furniture into the skips.

The team dismantled and reassembled the free-standing bookcase from the main library. All the library stock was packed sequentially and labelled following the methodology below:

Upon arrival at the new location in Ulverston, the team unpacked the books in reverse. This method ensured the books returned to their original shelf locations. Edward Baden specialist removers from the heavy lifting division expertly removed and transported the safes and other heavy items to the new premises. The team also dismantled the roller racking system for environmental clearance and removed all building protection, stacking the empty crates in the holding area. Our Edward Baden Team Supervisor signed off with the on-site client representative to ensure all moving tasks were completed and met the client’s satisfaction and approval.

Project Highlights

  • Sequential packing and unpacking of library 
  • Relocation of effects from low-level basement storage with ceiling height 1430mm
  • Specialist Heavy Division removals of safes.

Additional Information

Established by JT Saunders and his father, The Freshwater Biological Association of the British Empire produces freshwater resources and offers training courses to develop the skills of anyone interested in working with freshwater creatures and plants. Find out more about the association here.

If you require specialist moving services, contact us or ring us on 0800 027 2668 to speak to a member of our friendly team. We are happy to be of assistance.

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