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'The guys maintained their enthusiasm throughout the whole period and worked very efficiently as a team'.

Susan Clark, Office Manager at Altima Partners LLP

Altima Partners LLP is an investment fund manager with a unique strategy that combines both liquid and structured investments. They currently have assets under management worth over $1 billion.

The company chose Edward Baden to provide a relocation solution that was built around their bespoke requirements. The solution would enable the relocation of 35 staff across the Greater London area. Due to the nature of Altima Partners LLP business operations, the move involved the relocation of office furniture, files and computer equipment that contained information of a sensitive nature and had to remain secure during the office move.

Altima Partners LLP wanted as little disruption to their staff and working process as possible. So the management team at Edward Baden put together a detailed project delivery plan which ensured that the entire relocation was completed within a 30 hour window spanning a Friday afternoon and Saturday to cause the minimum possible level of disruption to the business.

During the pre-move consultation process Edward Baden identified any potential problems that might arise which included some oversized and bulky office furniture that would require additional time and man power to remove from the current premises and reinstall in the new office building. As this was part of the project plan, the furniture was successfully relocated as part of the move without any additional problems arising.

To find out more about the relocation services offered by Edward Baden, click here or call us on 0800 027 2668.

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