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5 Tips For A Successful Office Relocation In The UK

A business move is a perfect way to start afresh, and often signals the growth or new strategy of a company. In order to carry out a successful office relocation, there are 5 tips that UK businesses can to keep in mind and prepare beforehand to minimise disruption and help the company get back to business as soon as possible.

1. Study the location carefully

It goes without saying that the location of a company is among one of the most important factors affecting the growth of the business. A guide on how to choose the right business property and the right location can be found here

2. Budget

During the office move, your company may experience a decrease in money flow due to no trading. You must have a clear and specific plan on how much the relocation will cost, including expenses such as designer’s fees or solicitor’s fees. There may be additional building costs, or installation of a network, telephone, or security system to pay for on top of the price of new furniture and extra accessories. 

3. Office furniture and equipment

Can you reuse the office equipment in the new premise, or have they become outdated or need to be replaced to suit the new location? Whatever the decision, it’s important to safely store them in a cool, dry and secure place. Cube Self Storage is the perfect choice for all your storage enquiries, with flexible terms and bespoke storage sizes. Contact us or talk to one of our storage specialists on 0800 027 2668 and find out our money-saving storage solutions.

4. Don’t forget the tech and equipment

It’s a digital world, and nowadays everything is online. Make sure that the Internet, WIFI, broadband speed and cables are properly taken care of in the new location to avoid disruption to the business. 

5. Contact a reliable relocation service provider

Who takes care of a commercial move better than the professionals themselves? Especially if you’re new to the office relocation process. It’s in the best interests of your company to have the move taken care of by a trustworthy relocation service provider. Edward Baden is an expert in the relocation field, having helped with the business relocation of hundreds of companies and firms. We deliver bespoke and budget-friendly relocation services across the United Kingdom.
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Essentially, the key to a successful office relocation lies in meticulous planning and with good communication between all parties. With our 5 tips, we hope that we have contributed to making the move feel stress-free and cost-effective.

And remember… When it comes to business moves and office relocations, Edward Baden has over 25 years of experience and unrivalled industry knowledge in the relocation service, guaranteeing a smooth and time-saving move. We are equipped with the skills to take care of the entire process, from storage, moving, and packing to installation, leaving no aspect of the relocation unattended. 

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